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About Our Coops

All of our coops are built with earth friendly Lifewood or Yellawood treated lumber for durability and to withstand the elements.  The brand of treated lumber we use contains no arsenic that can leach into the soil.  For maximum durability we assemble all of our coops with screws instead of nails.  The siding on our coops is pre-primed 3/8 Smartside siding similar to what is found on many homes and has a 50 year manufacturers warranty.  We trim our coops with 1x4 Smartside trim boards to mimic the look of trim that is found around most doors and windows on your house.  We also offer the option of upgrading to 3/4" Cedar Lap Siding with Cedar trim.


Our coops come standard with either corrugated tin or PVC plastic roofing material to allow you a selection of colors, offer hail resistance, and keep your birds cool.  We also offer u-panel roofing in assorted colors, shingle roofing, and Cedar shingle roofing.

Nesting boxes and roosting perch
The nesting boxes and roosting perches are custom built into each coop.  We use 1x12 pine to frame out our nesting boxes.  For northern climates or for greater predator protection we do offer the option of  fully enclosed roosting and nesting areas.  The roosting bars in our coops are a 2" bar with rounded edges that make it easier for your hens to roost on.


Handles and Wheels
Our mobile coops come standard with easy move handles to be able to pick up and move your coop without the hassle of locking wheels into place or setting the handle in place prior to moving your coop.  We do offer the option of retractable wheels that allow your coop to sit flush to the ground if your yard is level.  We also have a 4 wheel steerable option that allows you to move your coop like a wagon and never have to lift your coop to move it.  The standard wheel size is a 10" pneumatic tire with the option of upgrading to 13" pneumatic tires.

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