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Coop Options & Accessories

We have many options available to customize your chicken coop to fit your needs and budget.  In addition, we can custom build and design a coop to your exact specifications.  We sell any of our options with our kits or purchase them to add to your own coop.

1. Paint and Custom Paint Starting at $75

     We have several base colors for our coops or we can custom paint to match your house, your shed, even your favorite team colors!  Base colors include Barn Red, Forest Green, Tan, White, Tractor Green, Yellow, Grey and Baby Blue.  Trim colors can be any of the base colors.  Custom paint patterns and colors also available.

2.  2x4 Welded Wire Floor From $35

    If you have concerns about digging predators we can add a wire floor to your coop.  We attach a square of 2x4 Welded Wire to the bottom of the coop to keep predators out. 

 3.  Cedar Lap Siding Starting At $100


We use a true Cedar lap siding that is 3/4" thick by 8" wide.  All trim is also cedar and can be stained or painted in your choice of colors. 


4.  Riding Mower or ATV Pin Hitch Kit $249.95

    Our coops come standard with wheelbarrow style handles to move around your yard.  However, if you are unable to move heavy loads we offer a trailer hitch attachment for your coop to assist you in moving your coop around the yard.  It is built with 1" box steel or 2" angle iron and bolts directly to the bottom of the coop.  Optional 1 7/8 ball mount hitch available.  Comes with a side crank trailer jack mounted to the coop to assist you in attaching the coop to your riding mower or ATV. 

 5. Automatic Waterer $49.95


6. Retractable Wheels  $199.95

  We offer the option of retractable wheels that allows your coop to sit flush to the ground if your yard is level and gives you the convenience of greater ground clearance when moving the coop.  Simply pull the handle on each side and lock the wheels in place to move the coop.

7.  4 Wheel Steering or Ball Hitch For an ATV $249.95


    With this option you can move your coop without having to lift the coop by hand.  With the 4 wheel steering we mount a trailer ball hitch to the front of your coop for the dolly to attach to.  Simply pull the coop to a new location and dis-engage the dolly.  For use with an ATV you get a trailer jack installed instead of the dolly to raise and lower the coop when attaching to an ATV.   


8. Enclosed Roosting And Nesting Area(Northern Option)Starting At $100

     For northern climates or for greater predator control we offer the option of enclosing the nesting and roosting area. We have several options available depending on the coop model and size of the enclosed area.  Contact us to discuss your needs for this option.

9. EXT Extended Coop Option Starting At $75

With our new EXT option for our coops you can add 2 to 4 chickens to each coop! With the EXT option we extend the coop 2ft. in length, add an additional roosting bar, and extend the siding to 4 ft on the small and medium coop.


10.  Run Panels Starting At $149.95

 Add a run to your coop with our expandable run panels.  Standard run panels are 4ft. X 8ft.  Add an entry door for $39.95.  Extend the height of your run up to 6ft. for $10 a foot.  2x4 framed and wrapped in 2"x 4" welded wire.  Custom sizes also available.  Panels attach with lag bolts.


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