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Stationary Coops

Our line of stationary coops are great for backyard egg production for your farm or ranch.  Large enough for 10-40 standard size hens or 15-60 bantams.  Designed for you to be able to walk inside to check on your birds, and fill your waterer and feeder.  All coops come with a side access door, nesting boxes with perch, rear egg collection door, and a roosting ladder.  Add windows as an added bonus to your coop for ventilation and style.  Comes standard with a 4x4 base open bottom or upgrade to a solid floor.  As with all of our coop models we can customize any unit to fit your needs.  Run panels are available on our options page or let your hens free range.  
Small Stationary Coop $995
4ft X 8ft X 6.5 ft tall 10-15 Chickens
Medium Stationary Coop $1,295
6ft X 8ft X 6.5ft tall 12-20 Chickens

Shown with optional window.
Large Stationary Coop $1,595
6ft X 12ft X 6.5ft tall 15-25 Chickens

Shown with optional chicken door
Jumbo Stationary Coop $1,995
8ft X 12ft X 7ft tall 20-35 Chickens
Mega Stationary Coop $2,495
8ft x 16ft x 7ft tall 30-50 Chickens

Shown with optional windows
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