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Dear Josh, 

I saw that you have a web site now, and I just wanted to write and say that the Medium Coop has exceeded all my expectations. I am having a blast with the chickens, and I can’t believe how well the coop is holding up – it still looks brand new after eight months. Thanks so much for the great product, and for helping me get going with the chickens; they are doing great! I’ve added solar panels and electric netting, so I’ll be back to buy more chickens from you soon. Keep up the great work, and thanks for the outstanding customer service. I hope that you will use me for a reference if you ever need to, as I would be more than happy to rave about your great product; it’s the best investment I’ve made in years! 

Austin, TX


Hi Josh,
Here are some quick pics of my finished product (other than paint) with my 6 happy chicks. Because of the weather extremes in Wisconsin I took your plans and customized the coop. It is 2 ft. longer and has lots of ventilation in the summer and the ability to keep winter out. I installed a clean out window/door along with the opposite screen door to make clean out much easier and help control the inside temperature. The floor is lined with linoleum to make clean out even easier. I have also added windows on the sides for more light and I made my own retractable wheel kit out of scrap 80/20 aluminum extrusion from work.
It has taken on the name of "Coop De Ville".
The neighbors all have come over to check it out and love it. They are all  wondering when they will start to get eggs. :)



Dear Josh and Family,

The coop you built is just fantastic! You did a great job of matching my house colors so the coop looks great anywhere in the yard. It's like a little slice of heaven for my chickens and I love the way it looks and moves. Thanks so much for taking such great care with the construction, you can tell it's built to last. I receive compliments on it all the time. Meeting your family out on your property was great fun as well. Thanks for letting us play with all your chickens and roam the garden!

Austin, TX

The Mega-Coop made it to Fort Worth in 3 hours.  Getting it off the trailer was easier than I thought.  It pulled around the yard easily and was easy to set in place.  You have done an excellent job in constructing these coops!!  I stopped twice driving back and people asked where they could get one.
This has been a very easy transaction and I appreciate the professional manner that you handled your business. 
The chickens are all happy and enjoying there new home.  Looking forward to greater egg production.  Thanks for your help.
Fort Worth, Tx.

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